RWNS objects to anticipated massive traffic movement in Winnington

We are objecting to a Tata plan that could cause massive road movement in the Winnington area for five years.

TATA are proposing to install a Solar Panel Farm to save them electricity costs. But this requires extensive infilling about 1.38 million m3 of land fill. Objections have come from Councillors on the massive road movements required if brought in by truck: 500 movements a day are expected for five years, with associated congestion and damage to the 113 year old Winnington Bridge. Use of water transport would be a better option and could include river dredgings, which would be of broad benefit. John Tackley has written to the Council on behalf of the Society and expect to be present during the planning application hearing.

The Society does not object to the solar farm in principle but wants to avoid damage through heavy traffic movement and would like any project to benefit the community.

John Tackley wrote:

It must be heavily stressed that if this massive input of inert infill material is REALLY needed, it can be so easily provided entirely from the adjacent River Weaver, as the site is immediately adjacent to the navigable river. As the navigation has been navigable for nearly 400 years, there are vast amounts of dumped dredgings alongside the banks in very close proximity to the site which could easily be recovered, deposited into hoppers and offloaded at the site.